Batch Processing

The power of Docutiva is in saving time on otherwise tedious tasks. Docutiva is the only product on the market that lets you upload documents across all client workspaces in a single process, using naming conventions to identify where documents belong. Create users, accounts and workspaces as easily as uploading a spreadsheet.

Batch document uploads

Batch File Upload

Advanced batch processing gives Docutiva its true power, letting you distribute client-specific documents or tasks to all clients in a single batch process. If you distribute sensitive information, such as client reports, VAT returns, financial statements or year-end accounts, you won't find an easier or more secure way of uploading these to client in a single step.

For example, if you need to send a VAT return to each of your clients, instead of creating a complex mail procedure, you can simply upload a single ZIP archive of all your documents and each document will be uploaded into the correct workspace, identified using intelligent file naming conventions. It couldn’t be any easier.

When creating a new workspace you will be asked to provide a workspace alias, this is a reference ID that is used to identify document destinations during upload. This naming convention is used to match the alias to your internal client ID or reference number in order to make it easy to integrate Docutiva with your current systems.

Batch create users, accounts and workspaces

Batch Create Accounts and Workspaces

Our batch routines are not limited to documents or tasks. You can create all your user accounts and workspaces in a single process by importing a CSV file. Our batch routines have been built specifically to support companies with large numbers of clients, who need to distribute documents quickly without time-consuming manual uploads.